Born: 1968, still alive today as far as he knows

Military Service

1992-2012, but oh how the memories persist

Writing Career

1974-present (the early stuff was pretty bad but his mom liked it)

Rich Greenslit writes science fiction. Whether he is any good at it... well, therein lies the rub, doesn't it?

Family Life

Requiem Eternam

Military recruiters lie. If you're not careful, you'll end up hundreds of years in the future, fighting for a society you no longer recognize.

Coren Slade is a young man on an asteroid circling Mars, going nowhere. He is not careful.

Requiem Eternam: The Chronicles of Coren Slade

Cover by Andie Pavlat

Andie Pavlat is an amazing artist. See more of her work at the Schuler school website, contact her at acpavlat@mail.com, or message her on Facebook . What's great about Andie? Everything.

Coming in August 2024


Feedback from a publishing house which ultimately rejected my book (more about this in the blog The Story of Requiem Eternam):

  • This was good hard sci-fi

  • Extremely good writing overall

  • It read well and held interest well

  • Realistic, sensory settings, and nifty depictions of characters

  • Secondary characters are vivid and memorable

  • As prior service myself, I resonated strongly with the narrative voices

  • I laughed out loud on a number of occasions and found many quotable passages


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